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Catalog 1010: An interesting collection of this and that for your consideration

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1.  Romeyn Hough.  American Woods. Romeyn Hough's Monumental Work, The American Woods 

Hough, Romeyn (1857-1924).  The American Woods, Exhibited by Actual Specimens and with Copious Explanatory Text.  Lowville, N.Y.:  Published and Sections Prepared by the Author, 1894-1928.  14 volumes.  Octavo, green cloth, viii, 79; viii, 45; viii, 47; viii, 46 ; viii, 54; viii, 58; viii, 60; viii, 66; viii, 56; viii, 61; viii, 54; viii, 64, [4]; vi, 49; vi, 38 pp.  The 14 volumes were issued with 350 unbound plates of mounted sections of wood (totaling 1,050 samples); an accompanying text for each volume is in original printed wrappers; each volume of plates and text is housed in original green blind-stamped chemise and slip case with clasp.  Of the 350 specimens, this set is lacking just 28 (Nos. 252, 258, 263, 265, 266, 267, 268, 269, 272, 274, 275, 277, 278, 281, 291, 298, 322, 226, 327, 329, 331, 332, 333, 336, 339, 343, 346, and 350).  The missing plates are from Volumes XI-XIV, and have been supplied in color facsimile.  Each specimen is about 2 x 5 inches in size, and sufficiently thin to admit examination in transmitted light.  These specimens are mounted in durable frame-like Bristol-board pages, with each bearing in gold-bronze the technical name of the species in English, German, French, and Spanish.  The pages themselves are separable and are accompanied by a text giving information as to the uses and physical properties of the woods, as well as distributions, habits of growth, botanical characteristics, habitants, medicinal properties, etc.  The samples show the usual occasional splitting; and the majority of the bindings show some mottling.  $12,000.00 

This unusual work was the lifetime achievement of medical doctor and botanist, Romeyn B. Hough, who devoted himself to the study of American trees.  In his Introduction, Hough explains that this work is designed “primarily and principally to show, in as compact and perfect manner as possible, authentic specimens of our American woods, both native and introduced.  For that end three sections, respectively traverse, radial and tangential to the grain, are made of each timber, sufficiently thin to allow in a measure the transmission of light and securely mounted in well made frames.”  Each of the specimens was personally selected by the author and, in fact, prepared by a process he perfected.  Originally planned as a fifteen volume series arranged geographically, only thirteen volumes of the work were completed before Hough’s death.  The fourteenth and final volume was completed by his daughter, Marjorie Hough, using specimens and notes prepared by her father before his death, in 1924.
Because of the long period of time over which the set was produced, and because many buyers purchased volumes for one or two regions, very few complete sets were ever assembled.  This work represents Hough’s greatest achievement.  The range of trees included makes it an invaluable resource for natural historians, ecologists, woodworkers, antique dealers, and anyone else interested in the natural history of American trees.

 2.  Edinburgh Encyclopedia. Brewster, David.  The Edinburgh Encyclopedia, Conducted by David Brewster, L.L.D., F.R.S.  

With the assistance of Gentlemen Eminent in Science and Literature.  The First American Edition, Corrected and improved by addition of numerous articles relative to the Institutions of the American Continent...  Philadelphia:  Published by Joseph and Edward Parker, 1832.  20 volumes in 21, complete.  Quarto, half polished calf & marbled boards, calf labels, marbled edges.  Engraved title, portraits, maps, plates.  Very Good; some foxing.  A previous owner of this set took apart the two volumes of plates, divided them in such a way as to be more handy and to more or less coincide with each third of the text.  He then had Bayntun rebind the two volumes into three, replicating the original half calf and marbled boards.  $5,000.00                   

Edited by the scientist Sir David Brewster (1781-1868), the project was begun in 1808 and was originally intended to be published in 12 volumes.  The text was eventually extended to 18 volumes (plus the plates) and was not completed until 1830.  Including over one hundred and fifty contributors this was a major bibliographic undertaking.  Brewster blamed some of the delay in publication on 'the indolence, the ill health, and the deaths of Contributors'.

Arranged alphabetically and wide ranging in subject the work is illustrated with over 500 copper plates. The Encyclopedia is notable for its many scientific articles by leading authors of the day. Brewster wrote many of the articles himself; other notable contributors include: Charles Babbage (1791-1871) on Notation and Porism; Thomas Carlyle (1795-1881) on Nelson, Mungo Park and William Pitt; Robert Grant (1793-1874) on Zoophytes and Zoophytology; William Leach (1791-1836) contributed an article on Entomology which included the first bibliography on the topic; Robert Stevenson (1772-1850) on the Bell Rock Light House, Edystone Rock, Light Houses, Railway and Roads; Thomas Telford (1757 – 1834) on Architecture, Bridge, Civil Architecture and Inland Navigation; James Watt (1736-1819) on the Steam Drying Machine

3.  Priestley, Joseph.  Lectures on History, and General Policy; To Which Is Prefixed, An essay on a Course of Liberal Education for Civil and Active Life.  And an Additional Lecture on the Constitution of the United States.  The Whole Corrected, Improved, and Enlarged; with a Chart of History and a Chart of Biography.  

Philadelphia:  Printed for P. Byrne, 1803.  2 volumes.  1st American edition.  Octavo, full contemporary mottled calf, morocco labels, xvi, 388, [4 ads] pp. + vii, [1 blank], 475 pp. The lecture on the United States Constitution is not previously published.  "The great excellence of this constitution consists in the simplicity of its object, which is the security of each individual in the enjoyment of his natural rights, without aiming at much positive advantage; by which means every person, knowing that he will be effectually protected from violence and injustice, both against the evil-minded of his fellow citizens, and the enemies of his nation, will be at full liberty to employ all his faculties for his own advantage; and this he will better understand, and provide for, than the state could do for him."  Although these lectures focus on history, Priestley is better known for his scientific endeavors.  He is credited with numerous discoveries, including the first to isolate oxygen, and is known for the discovery of nine other gases, including carbon monoxide, nitric oxide, nitrous oxide, and ammonia.  He is also credited with the invention of carbonated water and the rubber eraser.  During Benjamin Franklin's visit to England, he met Priestley, the two became life-long friends, and later co-founded the American Philosophical Society.  Priestley strongly believed in the free and open exchange of ideas.  His support for toleration and equal rights for religious dissenters led him to help found Unitarianism in England (and later in America).  These ideas, coupled with his outspoken support of the American and French Revolutions, eventually forced him to flee England - after a mob burned his home and church - to the backcountry of Pennsylvania, where he spent the last ten years of his life.  The volumes have some shelf wear, foxing, original owner's signature. $450.00
4.  Forsyth, William.  A Treatise on the Culture and Management of Fruit Trees; In Which a New Method of Pruning and Training Is Fully Described.  Together with Observations on the Diseases, Defects, and Injuries, in All Kinds of Fruit and Forest Trees; As Also, an Account of a Particular Method of Cure, Made Public by Order of the British Government... To Which Is Added, An Introduction and Notes, Adapting the Rules of this Treatise to the Climates and Seasons of the United States of America  By William Cobbett. 
Albany:  Printed and Sold by D. & S. Whiting, 1803.  Octavo, mottled calf, calf label, xii, [13]-280 pp.  13 engraved plates, 11 of which are folding.  First published in Philadelphia the year before, this is the first book devoted wholly to fruits to be published in America.  Forsyth was "Gardener to His Majesty at Kensington and St. James."  The plates depict methods of pruning, grafting, and training, with the tools used to do so.  Very Good; very clean and tight; plates have some foxing.  $400.00

5.  Sinclair, Sir John.  The Code of Agriculture; Including Observations on Gardens, Orchards, Woods, and Plantations.  
Hartford:  Printed for Hudson and co. and Cooke and Hale, 1818.  1st American edition.  Octavo, mottled calf, calf label, viii, [3]-424 pp. Frontis and 6 plates.  Very Good.   $150.00


6.  Bennett, Charles H. and Robert B. Brough.  Shadow and Substance.  
London:  W. Kent & co., 1860.  1st edition.  Octavo, blind- and gilt-decorated rose cloth, rebacked preserving the original spine, all edges gilt, [viii], [1]-232 pp.  Frontis and 29 hand-colored lithographs.  A longtime contributor to Punch, this book introduces Bennett's eidolograph, a sort of magic lantern of which Charles Bennett is named as the "sole inventor and original patentee."  Once the subject is seated in front of the eidolograph and turned on, the shadow cast by the machine indicates the true character and personality of the sitter.  Very Good, bearing the bookplate of Stuyvesant Peabody, housed in a Very Good solander case.  $400.00
7.  Church of England.  The Book of Common Prayer, and Administration of the Sacraments, and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, According to the Use of The Church of England... 
Oxford:  Printed at the University Press, n.d.  [ca. 1880]  [With:]  Church of England.  Hymns Ancient and Modern for Use in the Services of the Church.  Complete Edition.  London:  William Clowes and Sons, n.d.  [ca. 1880.]  Together, 2 volumes.  24mo, bound by Zaehnsdorf in full crimson morocco, blind-stamped with matching geometric designs & miniature busts, marbled endpapers, all edges gilt.  Book of Common Prayer printed in red and black.  Both volumes on india paper.  Near-Fine.  Set of two volumes:  $150.00

8.  Chaucer, Geoffrey.  The Poetical Works of Geoffrey Chaucer.  Edited by Richard Morris... With Memoir by Sir Harris Nicolas.   
London:  George Bell & Sons, 1912.  6 volumes.  Octavo, bound by Blackwell in 3/4 tan morocco & marbled boards, gilt-decorated spines, marbled endpapers, top edges gilt.  Very Good; a bit of shelf wear, bearing the bookplates of Carl Breer, an engineer and member of the Automotive Hall of Fame.  $150.00

9.  Grant, Robert. The Bachelor's Christmas and Other Stories.  Illustrated by C. D. Gibson, I. R. Wiles, A. B. Wenzell, and C. Carleton. 
New York:  Charles Scribner's Sons, 1895.  1st edition.  This copy has inserted a transcript of a paragraph from page 46 of the book:  "'I wish to offer a toast' he said, 'a toast for the old bachelors to drink.  Wish you Merry Christmas and - and here's to her'!"  Signed by the author and dated December 1897."  Also inserted is a three-page autograph letter from the author, on his letterhead, dated "Dec 12, 1897," addressed to "My dear Miss Laughlin."  Clara E. Laughlin (1873-1941) was the author of more than 35 books, headed a Travel Service with offices in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Paris, and published a monthly magazine with a circulation of more than 80,000.  In this case, Grant (a popular novelist of his day) writes to the young Laughlin with "the congratulations of a philosopher on your entertaining article the 'Martyrdom of Fame' in the current Scribner.  I have read it with much enjoyment & have heard others praise it."  Later in the note he admonishes himself for not asking Laughlin to lunch when she was in Boston, thinking that perhaps she "preferred to wish lunch alone."  He continues, "There is certainly nothing more attractive in modern civilization than the independent modern woman of the finest type - She is so unconscious of her own attraction, and so suggestive of the escape of her sex from the thrall of fiddle faddle.  No one has really written about her adequately, and I doubt I can.  But you came to my mind the other day as a sitter for the portrait."  He continues for a bit and closes, "Yours sincerely," with his signature.  Octavo, bound by Sicles in 3/4 olive levant & marbled boards, with the gilt-stamped monogram of Charles Edward Ballard, hotelier and circus owner, on the upper front panel, gilt-decorated spine, marbled endpapers, top edge gilt, uncut, ix, 309 pp.  Plates.  Near-Fine; spine slightly faded.  $250.00

10.  [Virgil]  L'Eneida in Toscano del Generoso et Illustre Giovine il Signor Cavalier [Aldobrando] Cerretani.  Al Inuittissimo, & glorioso Cosimo de Medici, Serenissimo Principe di Toscana suo Signore.  
Fiorenza:  Appresso Lorenzo Torrentino, Impressor Ducale, 1560.  Small quarto, limp vellum, [viii], 259, [i], [ii] pp.  The book seems to have been a school book used by children in the de Medici sphere.  Cover is worn and rubbed, with the end sheets bearing the youthful signatures of several members of the Galeotti [artisan] family, along with a 20th century bookplate.  $1,200.00

11.  Barrows, Mary Eleanor.  John Henry Barrows. 
Chicago:  Fleming H. Revell Company, 1904.  1st edition.  Presentation copy, inscribed:  "To Clara E. Laughlin, to whom / the 'Light of Asia's' heart went out / from the first time he met her / till the end of his life; with / the admiring love of // Mary Eleanor Barrows / Christmas, 1904."  Clara E. Laughlin (1873-1941) was the author of more than 35 books, headed a Travel Service with offices in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Paris, and published a monthly magazine with a circulation of more than 80,000.  The subject of the biography, John Henry Barrows, was the senior pastor at First Presbyterian Church, Chicago, at the time of the Exposition of 1893.  Because of his proximity to the organizers of the Fair, he was asked to organize and chair a concurrent religious event.  In preparation for what became known as the World Parliament of Religions, Barrows and his committee sent out some ten thousand personal letters (not to mention forty thousand documents) to the far corners of the world.  "We affectionately invite the representatives of all faiths," the letter said, "to aid us in presenting to the world, at the Exposition of 1893, the religious harmonies and unities of humanity, and also in showing forth the moral and spiritual agencies which are the root of human progress."  Beginning September 11th, 1893, and for the following seventeen days, more than 4,000 representatives of the world's religions - Protestantism, Hinduism, Jainism, Islam, Judaism, Catholicism, Greek and Russian Orthodoxy, Confucianism, Taoism, Shintoism, Ethical Culture, and others - met to "bring forth the truths the various religions teach in common," and to "promote the brotherhood among religious men of diverse faith."  The Parliament was a landmark event bringing, for the first time in history, so diverse an audience.  Octavo, bound by Sickles in purple levant & marbled boards, with the gilt-stamped monogram of Charles Edward Ballard (hotelier and circus owner) on the upper panel of the front cover, gilt-decorated spine, top edge gilt, uncut, [x], [11]-480 pp.  Frontis portrait.  Near-Fine; spine somewhat faded, mostly unopened.  $150.00

12.  Baden-Powell, Major B[aden Fletcher Smyth].  Practical Aerodynamics and the Theory of the Aeroplane.  A Résumé of the Principles Evolved by Past Experiments.
London:  Aeronautics Office, (1909).  1st edition.  Octavo, flexible burgundy cloth, [x], 57, [1 ad] pp.  Frontis photo, illus.  Good; some cover fading, light wear, bookplate.  $150.00

13.  Fielding, Henry.  The History of Tom Jones, A Foundling.  In Six Volumes. 
London:  Printed for A. Millar, 1749.  6 volumes.  2nd edition (sometimes designated as 1st edition, 2nd issue), without Errata, with corrections made, and with the catch word "who" at foot of page 21 in Volume I.  Duodecimo, bound by Birdsall in full brown levant, all edge gilt.  Fine.  $900.00

14. Elton, Charles I.  An Account of Shelley's Visits to France, Switzerland, and Savoy, in the Years 1814 and 1816; With Extracts from "The History of a Six Weeks' Tour" and "Letters descriptive of a Sail round the Lake of Geneva and of the Glaciers of Chamouni," first published in the Year 1817.   
London:  Bliss, Sands, & Foster, 1894.  Of an edition of 50 copies, this is No. 13.  It is signed, "Bliss, Sands & Foster."  Octavo, full vellum with a printed portrait of Shelley on front cover, in a gilt-decorated frame and gilt-stamped title, gilt-stamped spine, uncut, viii, 200 pp.  Frontis portrait and 12 plates on japan vellum.  Very Good; covers flared as usual.  $250.00

15.  Cotton, Charles.  Lyrical Poems.  Including the Poems of Izaak Walton.  Edited, with Notes, Etc., by J. R. Tutin.  
Cottingham near Hull:  Published by the Editor, 1903.  Of an edition of 200 copies, this is No. 117.  It is  signed by the publisher/editor.  Octavo, bound by La Belle Sauvage in full brown levant, French fillets with elaborate corner loops, gilt-decorated spine, dentelles, top edge gilt, uncut, xvii, [3], 179, [1] pp.  Includes subscriber list and notes.  Very Good; light shelf wear.  $150.00

16.  Catton, Bruce.  The Centennial History of the Civil War.  E. B. Long, Director of Research.  
Garden City:  Doubleday & Company, 1961-1965.  3 volumes, including:  The Coming Fury; Terrible Swift Sword; and Never Call Retreat.  Each volume is a 1st edition; Volumes II and III are signed by both E. B. Long and Bruce Catton.  Octavo, two-toned cloth, [x], 565 pp. + [xiv], 559 pp. + [xvi], 555 pp.  Maps, map endpapers.  Fine in dust jackets.  $1,500.00

17.  Wisner, Benjamin B.  Memoirs of the Late Mrs. Susan Huntington, of Boston, Mass... Third Edition, with an Introductory Essay, and an Original Poem, by James Montgomery.   
Boston:  Published by Crocker and Brewster, 1829.  Octavo, mottled calf, calf label, xxxi, [1 blank], 328 pp.  Included with her well-written memoir are five of Susan Huntington's poems.  Very Good; clean and tight with very light shelf wear, bearing the original owner's signature and a 19th century academy bookplate.  $150.00

18.  Ramsay, David.  Memoirs of the Life of Martha Laurens Ramsay, Who Died in Charleston, S. C. on the 10th of June, 181, in the 52nd Year of Her Age.  With an Appendix, Containing Extracts from Her Diary, Letters, and Other Private Papers.  And Also from Letters Written to Her, by Her Father, Henry Laurens, 1771-1776.  
Boston:  Printed by Samuel Armstrong, 1814.  16mo, calf, calf label, viii, 218, [1 ad] pp.  Good; nice repair along front joint.  $125.00

19.  [Raynal, François & Rigobert Bonne.]  Atlas du Toutes les Parties Connues du Globe Terrestre, Dressé pour l'Histoire Philosophique et Politique Établissemens et du Commerce des Européens dans Deux Indes.
[Geneva:  J. L. Pellet, ca. 1780.]  Quarto, original sheep, 22 pp., 49 double-page maps, 1 fold-out, 23 tables.  Cover is quite worn, spine repaired with cloth tape.  Maps and charts are generally in Good to Very Good condition, with some perimeter toning.  Map No. 46 includes Florida and the Southeast.  $1,750.00

20.  Lavoisne, M.  A Complete Genealogical, Historical, Chronological, and Geographical Atlas; Being a General Guide to Ancient and Modern History:   An Accurate Account of the Origin, Descent, and Marriages of the Principal Royal Families from the Earliest Authentic Records; Together with the Various Possessions, Wars, Celebrated Battles, and Remarkable Events, to the Year 1821... Enlarged by the Addition of Several New Maps of American History and Geography, Extended to the beginning of the Year 1821.  Third American Edition, Carefully Revised and Corrected.  
 Philadelphia:  Published by M. Carey and Sons, 1821.  Folio, original half calf & boards, gilt-decorated spine.  28 double-page, handcolored copper-engraved maps and 40 double-page handcolored charts.  Among the maps are four that relate particularly to America:  #1, "Geographical Map of the World;" #67, "North America - South America;" #68, "United States of America,":compiled by John Melish; and #71, "Map of South America," by E. Paguenaud.  The important Melish map of the United States is engraved on a full double-page sheet and is free of stains or repairs.  Most other maps have surrounding text.  Front cover and first two leaves have an old damp-stain along the fore-edge, the rear cover is nearly detached. $1,500.00

21.  Barks, Carl.  Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge McDuck.  Written and Drawn by Carl Barks.  Edited by Edward Summer.  Recolored by Peter Ledger.
Milbrae, Calif.:  Celestial Arts, 1981.  1st edition.  Of an edition of 5,000 copies, this is Number 1876.  It includes the signed lithograph by Carl Barks, entitled "Wanderers of Wonderlands."  Folio, full leather, with full-color paper illustration on upper cover, gilt letters & decorations, ribbon marker.  Near-Fine, with slight foxing (age darkened spotting) to page edges.  $450.00

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