Sunday, April 10, 2011

A great find

Book appraisal work does sometimes brings surprises; a book appraiser in Utah was recently surprised with a very unusual work indeed. The volume, called Nurenberg Chronicle, was published in 1494, and is an illustrated world history. It was one of the first books to successfully use illustrations with text in a pleasing and efficient design. It acquired the quite appropriate name Nuremberg Chronicle because of the city in which it was published, although it is known among scholars as the Book of Chronicles. In Germany, it's called Schedel's World History, after the author, Hermann Schedel.

 The volume was published by Anton Koberger, once the most successful publisher in Germany. Koberger owned 24 printing presses and had offices not only in Germany, but all over Europe. He was the godfather of Albrecht Durer, the painter, printmaker and engraver.

The appraiser, Ken Sanders, owns an antiquarian bookshop in Salt Lake City.

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